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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 26, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: a pastor's defiant message. head of a megachurch in georgia faces his congregation and allegations made bay group of male teenagers. book burning. the pentagon admits to buying and burning thousands of books it claims could threaten national security. the author joins us live. on the brink. right now, peace talks in the middle east hang in the balance, as settlement construction deadline is hours away. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with embattled leader of a megachurch vowing to fight allegation he lured young men in sexual
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relationships. this morning, eddie long spoke to congregation for the first time about the lawsuit by four church members. elizabeth prann is in georgia with the latest. hi, elizabeth. >> reporter: hey, shannon. he chose his words carefully this morning. he said i'm here this sunday, i'm going to be here next sunday. he also said i've never said i was a perfect man, but the allegation and the way i'm portrayed in the media is not accurate. he said it's painful and difficult situation for him and his family and the members of the congregation. despite what some people may think, he isn't lost. he also asked members to rally around him since he is ready to fight. take a listen. >> i have been accused. i'm under attack. i want you to know as i said earlier, i am not a perfect man. by this thing i'm going to fight. [ applause
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[ applause ] >> reporter: the pastor went on to say that the justice will be served in a court system at a planned press conference. he read a statement and didn't take question from reporters emphasizing he will fight it vigorously. doing so with quite a bit of support. the members come and go and the reactions were mixed. some passing by the pastor. others say they need a little bit of time. we did speak with some members who say they are leaving today with great sadness because he didn't convince them. take a listen. >> he said that he had five stones, and i didn't believe him. >> we're behind the bishop. we love him. >> support him and love him. let the court make a decision. not the public. the courts. >> in a situation is obviously fluid. these are all very new. the accusations started on tuesday. another civil suit filed on
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wednesday. another on friday. when the pastor spoke to the congregation, he didn't name any of the four accusers nor did he deny the accusations laid out in the four suits. >> shannon: it seemed like the statement left room for interpretation. thank you. a lot of voters what will happen to bush era tax cut and wednesday. president obama and most want to end tax cuts for wealthiest americans while republicans with a small group of democrats want to extent them for everyone. julie kirtz has the latest on the battle. >> news on the tax front. from the second ranking democrat in the house, steny hoyer saying americans should not expect to see a vote in the house this week on extending bush era tax cuts. instead the house will ayour honor journ for a month of cam can paining.
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on "fox news sunday" they asked hoyer if he will vote on the bush era tax color. >> i doubt we will. let me tell you why. the senate refused to move forward on the issue. we have 400 bills pending in the senate. 75 of which got 50 republican votes or more. they can't move through the senate. >> the senate leaders saying that the democrats don't have the votes right now to pass extension of the bush era cuts for middle income americans. the senate republicans standing firm saying wealthy americans should not be hit with a big tax hike either. >> this has been the tax rate for a decade. most think raising taxes could be the worst thing you could do. >> reporter: even more tax talk. david axelrod on abc said the white house will figure out a
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way to get a middle class tax cut extend ed after the mid-term elections. opposition from the housedomes, 30 that we know of. back to you -- house republicans, 30 that we know of. back to you. >> shannon: a looming decade threatens to derail the fromgic mideast peace talk. tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, construction freeze on israeli settlement in the west bank is set to expire. mahmoud abbas threatens to pull out of the peace talk if the freeze is not extented. but they do not appear to have any intention on extending the moratorium. more on that live in a bit. former detainees at the neer toous abu ghraib prison look to the supreme court to be compensated for abuse they suffered there. six years ago, then secretary of defense donald rumsfeld promised to compensate iraqi detainees abused at the
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lock-up. so far, they are unable to document a single payment. they will decide whether or not to intervene in the case. fox news learned the pentagon spent $47,000 of taxpayer money to burn thousands of books, in the name of national security. the department of defense bought and literally burned 10,000 copies of a controversial memoir by army reserve officer. "operation dark heart" about schaefer's time undercover in afghanistan was eventually cleared by the u.s. army. part of the book claim a hijacker was identified as a threat before the 9/11 attacks. a second version of the book heavily redacted will be published. we'll talk to the author of the book. you have seen him here many times on fox. tony schaefer joins us in the next hour. this week republicans rolled out pledge to america, outline of what they plan to do if they take control of congress can after the mid-term election.
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steve centanni watched it all and has the latest from washington. >> reporter: republicans disagree whether this goes far enough or duck taos many issues. democrats dismiss this as political document, calling it a policy of bush era policies. that debate went on this morning on the sunday talk shows and john boehner saying that washington bogged down with big spending and government takeovers. here he is. >> this document says we reject that. we want a smaller, less costly and more accountable government. we lay out specifics, spending, getting jobs going again in america. whether it's healthcare, national or border security, and issue of reforming the way congress does the business. >> those in the tea party says the pledge unveiled by the g.o.p. does not go far enough to put a lid on
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government and big spending. others say it doesn't tackle the biggest budget busters of all, social security and medicare. boehner says many of the specifics will come later. democrats like congressman van hollen says the document con tapes nothing new. >> they -- contains nothing new. >> they xerox copy this and nothing new here. they want to undough regulations and reforms on wall street. i mean, the problems on wall street led to catastrophe around the country. >> other democrats like steny hoyer called the pledge to america more spin than specifics and he called it a return to failed bush policies he claims got us in to a deep hole. >> shannon: steve centanni, thank you very much. former president bill clinton is lending his star power to northeast. hitting hot spots from connecticut to main.
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molly lion has more. >> you can hear the mic check getting ready as we await arrival of president bill clinton. he is going to campaign for barney frank. you can hear they're still working on things, getting ready for the event. he is familiar across the country. a marine and businessman says that bill clinton's visit shows that the campaign is vulnerable. they say this is a campaign and that's what we're doing. campaigning. the landscape has changed considerably, interesting year in when they beat out martha cokely and changed the landscape, for a democratic strong hold and a little red.
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the democrats aren't taking anything for granted. here he is talking a little bit about this race. >> bill clinton is interesting because he is an 800-pound donkey. when you bring him in the state. but it cuts both ways. one hand it gets ton of publicity for frank but it aches up stature of his competitor. in some way it gives the competitor an opening without bringing bill clinton to town he'd never have. >> it will all come down to voters in november. another key race, where richard blumenthal is running against linda mcmahon. the visit comes in the wake of a visit from president obama ten days ago there. democrats are make invest in the the key races in new england. it will be interesting to see
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if they close the enthusiasm gap. >> thank you. >> this week, every republican in the senate voted against defense measure to repeal don't ask, don't tell. can the g.o.p. win over the gay community? is it even trying? joining us is the former communication director for governor corzine. joining us is the go-pac chairman donatelli. welcome to you both. frank, does the g.o.p. think it has a legitimate interest going after the segment of voters? >> the overwhelming of our time is end the disastrous economic policy of the administration. i'm in favor of reaching out to any group where there is a substantial number of voters that share that concern. there are a lot of gay americans who share that
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philosophy. you bet i'm trying to get their vote. >> shannon: gay marriage is a hot issue. and republicans uniformly stand against it and a few break away from the party on this. can they expect support from the group? >> i'm not sure. they blocked the don't ask, don't tell repeal. in 2004 they had a karl rove strategy that failed. if i'm a gay american, why would i vote for people wanting to violate the civil rights? for those of white house are straight and believe gay americans should be entitled to the right, i'm not sure how the friends and family of the gay people say it's a party they want to be a part of. >> shannon: we know there are a few big-name republicans like senator susan colins who said, you know, she voted know on the bill. eshe is one of few that said she would be for "don't ask, don't tell."
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the defense bill is not going to away. i want to flip to the house side. this week, house republicans released the "a pledge to america." how is it different from 1994 with "contract for america"? >> 1994 was a broader document. there were ten different areas sdused. what has also been pointed out, in 1994, the focus was on having the house vote on the issues. democrats had been in pow sore long there wasn't a vote on the house issue. this is a specific document designed to be legislation this year. not meant to be the end of the game by any means. only the beginning. but it's meant to address things that hopefully a republican congress and what is still going to be a democratic administration can work on. some of the expansion things such as dealing with
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entitlement have to wait until we have a republican president 2012. >> shannon: let's put up the bullet points. republicans had focus on the job creation and going after things they say creates economic uncertainty. they want to cut government spending and repeal healthcare. they want to reform congress and say they have to win back trust. and beef up national defense as well. julie, do you think the american voters will buy this? republicans were in charge before and they didn't get the things done. >> not only did they not get it done if you read the pledge carefully, not a carefully written document, it was poll tested and thrown out there. the republican what is they're pledging to do is balance a budget and the same time not address entitlement and provide more tax cuts. that is impossible to do.
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the math doesn't add up. they want to repeal what is left of the stimulus and it will have a huge tax increase for middle class. bottom line is never mind the fact they want to take everything else out. the american people have been down this road before. not that long since republicans were in charge. people remember what it's about. there is no way for the president to do this without harming the middle class. they've become the party of the very, very, very affluent and the middle class has to suffer for it, so be it. that's not what americans are all about. >> shannon: we thank you both for a fair and balanced debate now. that we have the pledge, we will keep track. we will watch in november to see what they do or do not get done. thank you, both. >> thank you. >> police may be a step closer to finding three bank robbery suspects in florida. get-away car has been found. they held a teller's father
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hostage and use the teller's car to flee the scene. they found the mustang a few blocks before leaving the scene. manhunt is underway for a gownman who opened fire after being kicked out at a party. one studentsh 19-year-old jessica moore was killed. four others were wounded. the student said the gunman tried to crash the party earlier and turned away because he wouldn't pay a cover charge. new develop in the the black panthers voter intimidation case. an update, a top justice department lawyer who led the case before it was suddenly dismissed. finally got a chance to speak his mind and tell his story under oath. up next, a look at what he said can prove politics and race could drive decisions at the justice department. >> my opinion that the disposition of the panther case was ordered because people calling the shots in
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>> shannon: two nato service members killed today by improvised explosive device in southern afghanistan. nato did not provide more detail but did say it cleared five insurgents in clearing operation in kandahar. the heartland in the southern part of the country. this year has been the deadliest of the war so far, more than 530 international forces killed so far. american troops returning home from overseas and they find the benefit intended to help them get jobs and readjust to life at home are falling short. advocates say the g.i. bill has too many loopholes and they wonder why president obama and congress haven't gotten together to fix this? tom parntino is veteran and spokesman for iraq veterans of america and joins us live to talk about the issue. first, thank you for your service. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shannon: now you work on behalf of many of your other
12:22 pm
colleagues. tell us what the bill is supposed to do and how it's falling short. >> right. well, we invested in an entire generation of leaders with the new g.i. bill. it wasn't entirely complete. we left some things out. like veterans who want to see vocational education. active duty national guardsmen cleaning up oil spill or running you waunits. they don't get credit for the g.i. bill. we need to make it right. >> shannon: when folks come home, i imagine it's tough adjustment and if you look forward to getting back on your feet, you have to be group of people to find employment, when you have been out of the mince and serving your countries overseas. how tough is it to get plugged back in? >> it's very difficult. when you come home from war or military service, hardest thing is not having a mission. g.i. bill was designed as readjustment benefit. you can tell the young men and women who stepped up, we'll invest in your future and give you the opportunity at a first class future. but we left a lot of vets
12:23 pm
out. if you were a combat med wick 15 years of service you -- medic with 15 years of service you have to go get an education and g.i. bill doesn't cover that yet. >> shannon: talk about getting it fixed. has to happen on capitol hill. who is working on it? what is the hold-up? why hasn't it been fixed? >> i have been doing this for a year and i have yet to meet one representative or senator against this. we need congressional leadership to step up and bring it to the floor. we need them to tell the leadership in house and senate we want to bring it to the floor before we leave for the election. vets can't wait for education or for jobs, not another year. >> shannon: a lot of folks on the hill are trying to get home. they have so many issues going on. but you think if there was agreement on one thing, they would get it done. what happens if it doesn't get done in house or senate
12:24 pm
recess? >> this is a no-brainer but it's difficult to get legislation through congress this year. if this doesn't happen, the vets will probably have to wait for another year. the veterans put their future on hold for serving in afghanistan and iraq and we can't ask them to put it on hold again. >> shannon: get fire behind this by calling your representative or senator? >> absolutely. call congressional leadership and let them know america has the backs of the veterans. we need them to have our backs as well and get it done before this week is out. >> shannon: we hope they hear this and understand what is at stake for the vets and mobilize. thank you for coming in. at this hour, fragile mideast peace talks threatened by building moratorium that expires at midnight. up next, we look at a ground-beaking documentary about real people in the
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middle of this, willing to risk everything to end violence in the middle east in their lifetime. >> i used to feel as a child that my country, israel, sometime happy, and sometimes i'm in danger. sometimes i'm strong. sometimes i'm weak. i felt that i am my country, the country is me. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant.
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>> shannon: with the deadline looming, they are racing to reach a compromise to keep mideast peace talks from collapsing. julie kirtz has top of the news. >> the freeze on the israeli building in the west bank set to expire at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. israel's prime minister is calling on the west bank settlers to show restraint.
12:30 pm
the palestinians threatened to quit negotiation if rebuilding start. unruly passenger on a flight bound for amsterdam forced a flight to turn around after take-off. they say the disruptive emergency was taken to a medical facility. leader of a georgia megachurch says he will fight allegation that he lured young men to sexual relationship. spoke to the congregation for the first time this morning. four former church members filed lawsuits. the pentagon paid to prevent what it says is a breach of security. book by army reserve officer details his time under cover in afghanistan. it was originally cleared by the army and those are the top stories. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: a bombshell development in the new black panther party intimidation case. you will remember the incident, outside philadelphia polling place on election day in 2008.
12:31 pm
these men were accused of intimidating voters. but the department of justice dropped fight despite the evidence. one of the attorneys in the middle of the decision-making process was subpoenaed to testify before the u.s. commission on civil rights about what happened. they were told by department officials to ignore the subpoena. on friday, he decided to tell his story under oath. one of the commissioners who heard the sworn testimony joins us live. along with tom from judicial watch saying the top d.o.j. officials may be lying about this case. gentlemen, welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: all right, there are two primary attorneys we heard from. one left the d.o.j., jay christian adams. and then christopher coats, still with the d.o.j. he testified on friday. adams testified under oath they were told to ignore the subpoenas. commissioner, let me ask about that situation, any privilege the department may have of blocking their testimony and what did you think once mr. coats testified on friday?
12:32 pm
>> as far as the stonewalling that has gone on from the department of justice, they have no privilege that overrides the statutes that requires every federal agent to, "comply fully" with the requests of the civil rights commission. except presidential executive village. they confirmed that the president has not invoked executive privilege. so it's unlawful, the stonewalling that has been going on for a year. as far as the testimony we've been trying to get for ten months, i can't say i was entirely shocked. because it confirms the sworn testimony of three others. not only christian adams who testified live, but we have two other sworn affidavits that confirm the same hostility to race neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws. but what did deeply sadden me was the degree of hostility
12:33 pm
and harassment, and how broad it was in the civil rights division. mr. coats recounted story of story of harassment, including african-americans who would agree to work on a suit against a minority. they were told stories like i didn't join the justice department to sue black people. mr. coats also testified that almost all the supervisors currently the political appointees, in the division, have this hostility. he named names. loretta king. julie fernandez. and others. i don't see how the department can avoid commenting on this story now. >> shannon: because we are talking about basically officials in place, according to the system, who do not want to prosecute cases that involve minority, people who are accused, like men we saw at the polling place in that video. now, tom, let me ask you,
12:34 pm
judicial watch has been very important in this case. and pushing for documents. suing when you've had to, filing freedom of information act. filings when you have to. what have you found through the documents that you've been able to get that make you think that there could be more to this story? >> it's incredible to me that the commission on civil rights can't get the civil rights division, justice department to cooperate in an investigation in the decision-making in the department. members of congress can't get anywhere. that's why judicial watch started asking for documents well over a year ago. justice department gave us the happened to the face. we sued in court. and just last week, they gave us a list of documents telling us a list of documents that they're not going to give to us, to try to justify what they are not giving to us. but in detailing that, it showed that they probably have been lying to the commission and members of congress when they say the political appointees, political leadership was not involved in the decision to drop many of the black
12:35 pm
panther charges. it shows that the number two, the number three of the department were involved. other political officials were involved deeply in the decision to drop it. it shows that the attorney general may have been briefed on this issue. that belies everything they have been telling us. the commission asked outright, the head of the civil rights division, tom perez, was there any political leadership involved in the decision? he said no. the documents show that's not true. >> shannon: all right. i want to -- we reached out to the department of justice and i want to give back the feedback they gave to us. political appointees got involved in the decision to drop most of the charges. they said, "it's clear that the civil rights attorneys made decision regarding the disposition of the case including the decision to dismiss certain claims. these career attorneys briefed leadership offices about their decision-making and provided answers to relevant questions. so it seemed like there is a fine line there. could they be discussing the
12:36 pm
questions with them, informing them about what they decided, but the political leadership wasn't the group making the decision? commissioner, what do you think? >> two reactions. first of all, the judicial watch privilege log by the way is shocking that they got it when -- >> shannon: the commission can't get it. >> the commission asked for the same thing. we should have actually gotten the documents, not just the privilege log. but it for example shows that the person steven rosenbalm supposedly making the decision had eight e-mails on a particular critical day with someone in the higher level political appointees, mr. hersch. and you wouldn't have eight e-mails back and forth just to inform someone. the title of the e-mails are very revealing. this isn't just fyi, here is our decision. it was sending back and forth document. so it's incredible for me to believe.
12:37 pm
we also had greg, the former acting associate attorney general testify at a previous hearing. he essentially said that it was inconceivable to him that the decision to dismiss a suit after it had been won, essentially won on a default judgment could have been made without higher-up people being involved in the department. >> the easiest thing to do is release the documents. 611 pages of the document that are withheld in the lawsuit. there is more misinformation come from the justice department, the spokes people who have been treating this as a political campaign issue, as opposed to the fact issue. these are significant charges. the head of the voting right section of the justice department, forced out, testifieded the justice department is making decisions on race and civil rights enforcement. it's explosive. to have a spokesman say it just shows that the career
12:38 pm
people are talking to other career people. in the face of the testimony and the face of the documents that we uncovered, it shows that justice can't be trusted on this. you need independent investigations. in our case, federal court may require the justice department to release some of the documents it's withholding. see what happens. >> shannon: we will follow your cases and the mission hearing if that continues as well and twooch see if it ends up on capitol hill and congressional hearings as well. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. just a few hours, israel's ban on building settlements in the occupied west bank will end. the expiration of the construction freeze is threatened fragile mideast peace talks. leland vitter has the latest on this. hi, leland. >> the sun up here is in about ten hours. that is when the settlers say they will begin construction again in earnest. you can see the bulldozers and the tractors here are
12:39 pm
ready and waiting. of course, both sides, israelis and palestinians backed themselveses in a corner here. it's putting the peace talks in jeopardy. >> six-month construction freeze ends at midnight. already on the west bank, construction has begun. it's hard to imagine the amount of effort that went in preventing this concrete from coming in, exactly what this hole represents. but this could be the beginning of the end of middle east peace process. let me explain why. we're on israeli settlement in the west bank. that is the land the palestinians want for their future state. they had a massive show for the media despite bussing people in. they had photographers and news organizations all over the world covering this, more than settlers involved putting the concrete down. up next, another show. they will release about 2,000
12:40 pm
balloons in the sky. they say that represents the 2,000 homes they intend to build on the west bank. and as you can imagine, the palestinians are not happy about that situation. >> the palestinians have said in the past that they would walk away from the table if something like this happened as it did today. so far, they're still talking with the united nations and israel to broker a compromise here, but shannon, to give you an idea of how pessimistic a lot of folks are, the defense minister of israel said he only puts it 50/50 chance peace talks will continue. >> shannon: a very delicate situation. thank you for the update from there on the ground. well, a new documentary out this week is drawing anger and criticism from teachers union. we hear from a producer of the movie. you heard about it. "waiting for superman." it takes a critical look at how the school system is failing the country's kids. thas to the venture card from capital one,
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we're following on america's news headquarters. bill clinton is hitting campaign trail in new england, stumping from connecticut to maine. richard blumenthal is running against linda mcmahon for the u.s. senate seat. another event in massachusetts for congressman bar any frank. at a time -- barney frank. a source confirms to fox news the defense department that were $47,000 of taxpayer money to build a controversial memoir. officials say they bought and burned the first printing of the book by an army reserve officer about his tour in afghanistan, because it breached national security. we will talk to the author of that book in minutes. pastor accused of sexual
12:46 pm
misconduct is speaking out. he told his church he will fight the allegation. while he is not perfect, the picture painted is far from accurate. four young men filed lawsuit against him. those are the top stories for now. >> new hope for 33 miners trapped underground in chile since early august. the first of three capsules specially built to rescue them arrived at the mine. man-sized tube will lift the men out one-by-one, once one of the three rescue holes is done. each trip to surface is expected to take 15-20 minutes. coming up, a look at ground breaking and highly documentary. three men you expect to be enemies. they are taking a page from the civil rights move in the the u.s. to ban together to fight century old violence. that's next. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup.
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12:50 pm
>> shannon: this is new video coming in. inside the west bank, jewish settler marking end of ban of building there. it's set to expire about 6:00 p.m. eastern our time tonight. israeli defense minister says there is a 50/50 chance of reaching deal to continue peace talks, but palestinian
12:51 pm
president abbas told the u.n. general assembly yesterday israel "must choose between peace and continuation of settlements." three men, palestinian muslim, palestinian christian, and an israeli jew were all born in the violence and the conflict in the middle east. and now they are risking their lives trying to end it in their lifetime. their story is a focus of a documentary called little town of bethlehem. here is a sneak preview. >> i have friends who had members of their families this prison or even killed. it's not easy. you can't just go to their house. i mean people are in pain. you have to feel their pain. when they're angry, you have to be angry. >> shannon: fascinating movie. the director joins us now. thank you for coming in today. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: we have heard for centuries about the the conflict that goes on in the middle east.
12:52 pm
tell us about people in your movie -- this is a documentary, real people. their effort to bring about peace in the midst of the confrontation. >> i have grown up with the conflict like everyone else and saw politics on either side. attempting to make a film, i couldn't really go in the depth of the issue. until i found hope and real people. we embedded ourselves. we met the people who as you said grew up in the violence. film-maker, story teller, i thought what does their story say about society moving toward a civil society? what does it say about people taking responsibility for how they're governed? what is the hope in that? that's what we explored with the film. >> shannon: did you find much hope? what did you find with the stories as they are trying to get toward peace?
12:53 pm
there is understanding of violence and in both cultures there is a little bit of foreign concept. but people who have grown up in the violence, what is the next generation and what does the nation look like for our grandchildren say the status quo doesn't work. what does it look like for a civil society to emerge. as martin luther king has shown in the united states, found that inspiration. >> shannon: dr. king and gandhi as well are part of the movie, too. >> yes. that came out of them. they made the references. i was fascinated, because they had brought it up and they had sort of adopted those things. and if you look at it, it makes a lot of sense. with gandhi, he made it impossible for britain to stay in india. but he also made it possible for britain to leave. because he allowed them to have dignity. in non-violence, he gave identity to the indian people and for the palestinians to look at this, for people to be finding this, and with their courage asserting it, that i think is the real hope. that's what we would love to bring to the college campuses
12:54 pm
everywhere. >> shannon: which is what you are doing. you were here in georgetown in washington but you are going around the country screening the movie, having the panel discussions. how has it been received? >> it's been great. we find the college audience is hope and looking for answers. not satisfied with the status quo. people are not satisfied with the political soluons. as you cover it now, the news and what is happening now is discouraging. can be. you wonder what will it be? informing college students that there is hope, our people, and they are there that need support and need help. this is joint. palestinian and israelis looking at non-violence and looking at building civil societies and what that means. even though we're doing this tour, there are also 190 schools screening the film. >> it is certain to provoke dialogue. we hope you have success and
12:55 pm
view of the middle east through the important movie. thank you for coming in. well, the pentagon buys thousands of copy of a memoir and burns them all. we'll talk to the author of the controversial book. did it threaten national security as it was charged? he is coming up in just minutes. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. introducing total plus omega-3 honey almond flax cereal. all the nutrition of total, plu10% daily value omega-3 ala, and a delicious honey almond crunch. new total plus omega-3. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you?
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12:59 pm
right now a group of current and former navy seals and supporters are kicking off a cross country bike tour. they are raising money for our american heros and their families. we will check in live throughout the show and get their stories. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> shannon: we begin this hour with a fox news alert. the middle east peace process is hanging in the balance as a freeze on construction of israeli settlements is set to expire within hours and palestinians are threatening to walk out of negotiations. leland is live with the latest. hello, leland. >> reporter: shannon, the freeze may not technically be over but that didn't stop settlers here on the west bank. they poured this foundation to a kindergarten. the concrete has already started to set up.
1:00 pm
let me explain to you why this hole is so important and why it will affect all of the mid east peace process. ten months ago, prime minister netanyahu offered the settlement freeze to the palestinians in order to try and get them to the negotiating table. they did, indeed, come to the negotiating table about a month ago. they said, however, if the freeze is extended, well, they going to walk away from the table unless the freeze stays. where are we right now? obviously the settlers have begun construction, once again. prime minister netanyahu says he is not going to continue the freeze. earlier the day the settlers who represent the far right of the israeli government released 2,000 balloons up into the air to say they are going to continue the construction process and build 2,000 houses and one house for each balloon they released and today they made a big deal of pouring this concrete foundation to say that they gorgeous continue building. behind me -- they are going to
1:01 pm
continue building. behind me is a large bulldozer, they say it is ready for construction beginning tomorrow morning. what does this mean for the peace process? prime minister netanyahu says i'm not extending. abass says he is going to leave. it makes it 50/50 that the peace talks are going to fall apart. >> shannon: thank you very much for the updates. this week, republicans issued their plan, should they take control of congress after the mid term elections. this morning, house leaders from both parties sounded off on the gop pledge to america. steve centanni has the latest. >> republicans laid out the vision in the document they call pledge to america. it lays out a broad framework of what the gop would like to accomplish most notably repealing healthcare and cutting taxes. some conservatives say the document doesn't go far enough
1:02 pm
in cutting government and cutting spending while most democrats say it is nothing but a pledge to return to bush era policies. that debate as you say was played out on the sunday morning talk shows. mike pence, a favorite of tea party republicans talked about the need to return to a more fiscally responsible government. >> the truth is republicans didn't just lose our majority in 2006, we lost our way. we walked away from the principles of fiscal discipline and reform that minted our governing majority back in 1980 and again in 1994 and the american people walked away from us. >> now, the plan that was unveiled this week does not tackle the biggest spending problems of all, social security, medicaid and medicare. john boehner says the details will come later. democrats including congressman chris van hollen says the pledge is old news. he says they put a new front page on it but otherwise it
1:03 pm
is a xerox copy. >> the american public heard from these young guns. it turned out to be a spin not specific. it turned out to be a return to the fatal bush policy -- to the failed bush policies. >> republicans are expected to make significant gains in the september elections. remains to be seen whether they can actually regain the house. shannon? >> shannon: steve, thank you very much. john boehner and kevin mccarthy stopped by for an exclusive interview with chris wallace. on the other side, chris sat down with the house majority leader steny hoyer. that is at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel.
1:04 pm
looks like the uncertainty over middle class tax cuts not going to end before the mid term elections. republican and democratic leaders debated the hot button issue on the sunday talk shows and julie kirtz follows the story. >> it appears that americans won't get a clear answer from washington on taxes as they head to the polls in november and decide who to send to congress. house majority leader steny hoyer says he doubts they will vote before going home for a month. a leading senate democrat acknowledges his party doesn't have the 60 votes it would need to end the filibuster to extend the bush era tax cuts to only those making $250,000 bucks. >> i can count and i know you can, too. 59 democrats and not a single republican in the senate supports our position that we need to to something that is responsible to reduce the deficit but also to help middle income families bring us out of the recession. >> house minority leader john boehner this morning called the
1:05 pm
inability of democrats who control congress to act on the tax cuts before the mid terms completely irresponsible, referring to stephen colbert's testimony on friday boehner said this about the democrats. >> they have time to bring a comedian to washington, d.c. but they don't have time to eliminate the uncertainty by extending all of the current tax rates? i think that is irresponsible. >> also on "fox news sunday" chris wallace pressed boehner on whether he would be able to support just middle income tax cuts. he said previously he would if that was the only option on the table. he said this time he wants all the tax cuts extended repeatedly blasting democrats for not taking up the vote this week. an unruly passenger caused a problem for passengers last night. it had only been in the air 30 minutes when the passenger
1:06 pm
dispush bans occurred. delta is not releasing what happened. the plane returned to seattle and the flight was canceled and all the passengers had to stay overnight to wait for the next flight to amsterdam. this is a fox news alert. we have learned that the pentagon spent more than $47,000 to purchase and then burn thousands of copies of a book that had been previously approved by the army. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer wrote the book and joins us live. an amazing story. your book, operation dark heart approved by the army and set for release earlier this summer. and then what happened. >> this was con sternation within the department of defense, the defense intelligence agency they prepared what i would describe as an inflame m inflammatory lr
1:07 pm
demanding that they revoke the approval. it was announced in january when it was first approved. we moved forward towards the publishing date and all of a sudden we started getting a sense that things weren't right and demands were placed on the army to provide a copy of the manuscript to the department of defense and from there the things rolled out quickly. >> they showed up at the publisher and purchased every copy that was going to be release. they said this is about national security and they couldn't allow the book to reach the public air waves. >> i think the new york times surprisingly enough did on their own without any help from anybody did a surprisingly detailed review of some of the issues and i can't comment on specifics. but i tend to believe that the new york times actually exposed some of the lunacy of the
1:08 pm
protesters sestack. withiprocess. the standards were different than the dod standards. i had a researcher paid to go through and find all the instances of open information so we didn't violate security. there were operations that were conducted which we don't even hint about because they were truly classified. i was directed to cooperate by the army with the dod review and i spent two weeks going through eve every detail. >> shannon: everything comes from public source information. >> everything was in the public forum. the contention by the dod is that it still could be classify sod they have different standards. >> shannon: you had informed a member of the 9/11 commission that we knew about muhammad at atta before 9/11. is that one of the issues. >> that was clearly one of the
1:09 pm
issues which i had to threaten at one point in time they took an entire paragraph out talking about documents my having a full set of the able danger documents and they were removed from my office at dia and they pulled that ought and i said i'm not going to stand for this in my open publicly available and cleared testimony i talk about this fact. if i need to, i will ask the publisher to put an entire copy of my open testimony in the book. that one i said this is beyond the pale. there were others like that that was really kind of looney. i'm faced to go on based on the process that we had to follow. >> shannon: there is another version of the book with redactions and it is out and modified. >> they couldn't have planned the announcement of the book burning better than they did on friday. i was told that we are number 6 on amazon's top 100 based on the interest in the book.
1:10 pm
in some ways i'm grateful to the dod about the way they handled this in some ways. i couldn't have asked for a better publicity support on this. with that said, i did everything in my power and i continue to do everything in my power to assist them. i was on my own dime in new york city with the publisher going through and checking the redactions. even though i don't agree with them, it was my obligation as a reserve officer and directed to support their contentions whether i agree with them or not. i sat this at the publishers office and caught redelaware countyions that they missed so i fully cooperated every step of the way. >> shannon: number six on not too shabby. >> shannon: atlantic area mega church pastor faces three civil lawsuits that allege that he coerced young men into sexual relationships.
1:11 pm
today he has to face his congregation. everybody has been waiting to hear the bishop address the congregation for the first time since all of this broke. what did he say today? >> he spoke at 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 and really stuck to his notes. he said he has been open about being counseled the entire time about the attorneys and wanted to speak with his members before he spoke with the rest of the world. he never named any accusers in the 8:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. service. he never addressed any specific allegations saying he has never been a perfect man but he is not the man being portrayed in the media and said how painful andd papeful this process has been. he says he is willing to leave it up to the justice system. >> i have been accused. i'm under attack. i want you to know as i said earlier i am not a perfect man.
1:12 pm
but this thing i'm going to fight. >> th >> at a press conference he reiterated the points but didn't take any questions from media. >> shannon: there has been mixed reaction from the congregation. up next, the story of a controversial billboard that outraged a prominent sheriff in arizona. we will talk to him and the man who put it up to find out why we did it. we did it. we will talk about freedom speech and illegal immigration when we continue. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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1:16 pm
>> shannon: two nato service members killed today by an improvised explosive device. it did kill at least five insurgents during a clearing operation in kandahar. this year has been the deadliest of the war with more than 530 international forces killed so far. former and current u.s. navy seals are getting on their bikes to raise money for a special cause. it is a cross country bike tour that starts off in san diego, california and ends in florida. casey stegall is live in san diego to tell us more. hi, casey.
1:17 pm
>> good to see you. a 3300-mile journey and started early this morning here in beautiful coronado just across the bay from san diego. let's get right to the live pictures. they have already gone a couple of miles and now the bikers are over in the san diego area. we have tool technology that allows us to go live from a back pack and that is how we are bringing the live picture to you. a small group, only about five bikers. they will be on the road for six weeks stopping in more than 40 u.s. cities for food and rest. the ride ends in fort pierce, florida on november 6. nate i have special war fare foundation is holding the bike ride to raise money for families of navy seals killed or injured in the line of duty. >> a special warfare counter insurgencycation comes to the frontlines and helps out -- foundation comes to the frontlines and helps out the families. whether it is bringing relatives in from out-of-state, providing hotel rooms,
1:18 pm
providing flight, travel, anything it takes to make this tragic experience a little less painle. >> now, the start of today's ride was especially somber when you consider three seals were killed among a group of nine other americans in afghanistan when a blackhawk helicopter went down on tuesday of this past week. so, all in all, they are hoping to raise about $100,000. it is certainly a worthy cause. we will follow their journey for you throughout the day here on fox and also in the coming weeks before their big home coming in florida. that's the latest here in beautiful coronado, california. shannon, back to you in d.c. >> shannon: it is a gorgeous day. our thoughts and prayers go along with those folks. thank you, casey. a new documentary makes this statement, u.s. public schools are failing kids. union leaders say too much of
1:19 pm
the blame is being put on teachers and students. last night, leslie chilcott went on "geraldo at large" to defend the message. >> a lot of the problems everybody was telling me were too big that they can't solve it comes down to common sense. one of the biggest things that you think we would remember here in america is that teachers rewarding support and grooming teachers are one of the most important things woo can he do and we have a prestigekind of press teen deficit in america and we don't truly value our teachers. if we are going to say our children are our future we need to put the most talented person there in the classroom to teach them. >> the film received a tremendous amount of critical acclaim and priz praise but not without its detractors as well. some feel that you are putting the blame on the unions.
1:20 pm
how do you respond? >> we made a commitment that we were going to call out all of the obstacles and all of the adults that were not putting kids interests first. there is a lot of those in the movie and one is the teachers unions in so far as to question some things like protecting bad teachers or maybe how you get tenure or the fact that really amazing teachers that are teaching students and doing amazing things are not getting rewarded. i think to question those things is healthy. i don't think it means you are against unions. i am in a union and i have been in a union for a long time and i think they are an esentencing part of reform. >> now, that republicans unveiled their pledge to america, are voters ready to trust them enough to give them the majority in congress? >> you don't do a good job i'm not going to hire you to do it again. >> i'll be better this time, kenny. >> no, no, no, you should have been better the first time. >> some reaction, 37 days to
1:21 pm
decide, whether the pledge help push the gop to power, washington. we'll check in with our favorite radio host, keith larson, up next.
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
blams pwpwpspwpspw@s@a
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
an arizona sheriff is angry. he says this billboard showing a hispanic looking family with his quote is taken out of context about one of the most significant threats to the national security. he says this makes him look like a racest. frank pearson who owns the property says i want to start an important conversation about thissish lieu of illegal immigration. here we go. sheriff babeau a joining us on the phone from phoenix and frank pearson joins us. welcome to you both. >> good morning. i'm actually in p pinell count. the quote came from you. how is it out of context? >> first, i have a been a
1:26 pm
military alonge mill tare the border and i understand all too well the threat not only from a public safety perspective but the national security threat which, quote, was made for those people who come otms other than mexicans and more importantly those who come from countries that sponsor terrorism and we have hundreds of those people who have been apprehend aid long our borders. i find to be highly inappropriate and blatantly false to put my quote there with a picture of a very innocent obviously hispanic family. >> shannon: for those that couldn't read it the billboard says this is our most serious public safety issue and international security threat. something the sheriff has said but not in connection with this family. tell us about your decision to put together the billboard. >> well, we sure do support the going after the bad guys big
1:27 pm
time and think that that is incredibly important and actually support sheriff babeau in doing that. we are trying to raise up the idea also we need to take into consideration the fact that the truth is most immigrant families, however, many million or hundreds of thousands there are for example in the state of arizona that most immigrant families are in the country to make a better life and to maybe raise a family, certainly contribute to the community. so, we think that that perspective needs to be uplifted as well. and so the dialogue that i'm actual le now much more hopeful about helping to create would be to balance the clear need to get the bad guys and get them out of our society but also to pay attention to the human dignity of individuals and families who have come here seeking a better life as many of our forebearers did. >> that sounds great and i
1:28 pm
respect everybody's opinion, yet to take that comment and connect it to this family that actually has been eye den iden, they are an elsalvadorrian family here legally. and the counsel has requested mr. pierson to take down the sign because it is attributing a national security threat to their citizens that are here legally and el salvador is the only central american country that cent troops to iraq when we needed help in fighting that war. i would respectfully ask mr. pierson to respect these innocent people who this is their image, whether you got their approval or not, we know you did not, to take the statement down. in you want to make a statement against me or disagree with me i respect that. leave this family and hispanics or latinos out of that when i'm
1:29 pm
talking about a national security threat. >> shannon: would you be willing to modify the sign in case those who misunderstand the context of the quote report innocence of the family. >> we are hoping to dialogue which is the point of putting this up in the first place. i had my conversations with the salvador consultate. it was really an excellent conversation. one of the unexpected outcomes of this was really the possibility of building a relationship that didn't exist before and he expressed a deep interest in actually in dialogue and i frankly found that most encouraging. also expressed to him that if the family wanted us to take their image down which i think is a beautiful holy image of a wonderful and radiant family, if the family expressed that through the consultate or directly to us we would do it in a heartbeat.
1:30 pm
i would love to meet the family. for me, they are kind of -- i felt they are an inspiration and i just wanted to add one more thing. this is really a personal christian witness for me to be honest. i just think citizens need to step up and, you know, express their constitutional right to free speech and get in the middle and much more active because the truth is that we have been betrayed by our congress that have let this kind of thing go on and forced people like me and sheriff babeau who basically agree on almost everything to look like we are kind of adversaries which we are absolutely not. all of this stems from the fact, we can talk about a international security incident. how about the u.s. congress acting on something that hasn't been acted on since ronald reagan was president in 1986. we need to go at and i just think. >> mr. pierson --
1:31 pm
>> we need to learn to agree to that context. >> shannon: sheriff, quickly, a final word to you. >> and i respectfully ask that the billboard be taken down. it portrays me as your sheriff. i'm trying to stand up for the rules of law and it is a constant battle with the opposition trying to portray me and any law enforcement that tries to secure the border, even the president made this racial issue and it is not. this isn't about race. we profile criminal behavior and criminal conduct. >> we are a lot closer than you think. would you meet with me to talk this through, sheriff? i'm one of your constituents. i would love to meet with you and i think we have a really good conversation to have and i think we could easily put the offense -- would you meet with me? >> i'm the sheriff for everybody. i'm happy to meet with you or anybody else. >> cool. >> the best way to do that is call me. don't put up an offensive billboard like this that
1:32 pm
slanders me and slanders and offends the allies. counselor asked you to takelor that down. >> i will call you and look forward to a conversation with you and exploring this in more detail. shannon, thank you so much for including me in this conversation. >> shannon: frank pierson and sheriff babeau we are glad to bring you better. keep us up to date and we would love to hear about how that goes, gentlemen. >> you bet. >> shannon: thank you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: back in 2008 it seemed like this photo on your screen was everywhere. now, the artist of the famed obama hope poster says he understands the change in some people's feelings. the artist says supporters wanted someone to fight against the status quo and he says obama hasn't done that. he says he still supports obama
1:33 pm
but feels disappointment. this is the 50th anniversary of the kennedy nixon debate. eric has a look back. >> it simply changed the way we elect presidents. 70 million americans watched as john f. kennedy and richard m. nixon sparred in the first live televised debate. >> which party do we want to lead the united states. >> i know what it means to be poor and see people unemployed. >> the 7th game of the world series becomes those die baits, particularly the first one. >> david is the author of the new book, 960, lbj versus jfk versus nixon which examines the race and the debate's legacy. >> two men stripping down and going into the ring one on one and each one hoping to bloody the other one. >> what does the cut mean that's it. >> in 1960, there were four debates but it is the first history remembers.
1:34 pm
those who watched television thought kennedy won. those on radio gave the victory to nixon. the difference could have been makeup. after a sun staned kennedy declined it nixon refused to wear it and also caused him to look pale. >> nixon had had a staphylococcus infection. he banged his knee getting out of the car. he was in pain. >> i wouldn't make an excuse like that. i was feeling all right. i didn't certainly look well. >> fairly or not the debates can turn on such things. >> it is always those moments, these gotcha moments which are so crucial. you are are no jack kennedy or this is my microphone mr. bush or i'm not going to hold your against you, mr. mondale. >> those involved at the time marked the anniversary with a look back. >> as we hit the stage he said i have to go to the bathroom. i heard the stage manager doing ten, nine, eight.
1:35 pm
he made that stage on one. >> a reflective richard nixon once offered this advice. >> i would urge all prospective candidates in the future be sure that you remember that more important than what you say is how you look on television. >> i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> shannon: when tea party favorite kristin christine o'dl won in february, palin was given a lot of credit with helping her to defeat the establishment candidate mike castle. as the rest of the gop rolled out its pledge to america, the senator was a guest on the charlotte.n show in char are keith is joining us now. what did the senator think about the document because it came from the house. he is on the other side. what do you think? >> senator demint to his credit, he recognizes that the real question here is okay the republican party has taken the
1:36 pm
pledge but will voters think that they are really on the wagon this time because this group hug to the tea party which is what this pledge is, is fine. the principle, stop the insane growth of federal government and repeal the healthcare takeover and constitutional authority for bills that are passed. that is terrific. that is what you would want to see but the senator knows and admits that is not how the gop governed last time. they expanded government more than lyndon johnson ever dreamed that you could. barnes used to justify it by calling it big government conservativism. the question that we ask to listeners this week and i know you have clips, we asked, okay, the republicans have taken ledge. do you really believe they are going to behave differently this time? >> shannon: let's hear from the listeners. >> will the republican party behave differently this time? >> i believe absolutely, yes,
1:37 pm
because the tea party is going to hold their feet to the fire. >> no, you are electing politicians. they are going to follow the money and the people that yell the loudest in public. >> hey, buddy, they are not going to change, okay. the only way they are going to change is if we stay right on top of them and then get the government we deserve. >> all right, keith, sounds like plenty of room for skepticism in there among some folks. it wasn't that long ago that the gop was in control on capitol hill. i'm interested when you had senator demint on with you, did you talk at all about the issue of social issues because we heard from a lot of conservatives who wanted to see more, thi there is a passing a commitment to traditional marriage. a small section making sure taxpayer money doesn't go for abortion. did he say anything about that at allotter listeners? >> no, and clearly the republicans have chosen to craft this on the key fundamental tea party issues. it is clear that the social
1:38 pm
issues that is a place where actual or libertarian conservatives are on the verge of a split with some of the republican party officialdom and they have clearly left this out of the pledge this time. >> shannon: keith, you know i cannot have you on without asking you about your favorite senate candidate and mine by way of being most intriguing. aalvin green. he is running against senator demint. i'm not thinking any poll shows him within striking distance. did you ask senator demint. >> i'm glad you said my favorite candidate in terms of being intriguing because that is what he is. cheerlkoreanclearly demint doeo have anything to do with the bizarre puppet show that is alvin green. he has a 40 plus-point lead. the absolutely objective of any political campaign is just to win and so what does jim demint
1:39 pm
gain by engaging alvin green? and frankly, if the democrats aren't going to treat alvin green as though he is a bona fide candidate, and they don't, then p why should jim demint? >> he is on 11:10 a.m. wbet in charlotte, weekday mornings. thanks, keith. >> shannon: the house majority leader says stephen colbert's testimony on farm labor did not amuse him. steny hoyer blasted the appearance. >> i think his testimony was not appropriate. i think it was an embarrassment for mr. colbert more than the house. >> chris: he was called by the democratic chair of the subcommittee. >> he was called. you asked whether the testimony was appropriate. i think it was not appropriate. >> reporter: on friday, nancy pelosi said "he is an american and can bring attention to an important issue. i think it is great.
1:40 pm
but the comedy central star's in character testimony confused some. >> turns out and i did not know this. most soil is at ground level. if we can put a man on the moon why can't we make the earth waist high? >> shannon: colbert was discussing his one dayas
1:41 pm
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. an update on afghanistan's parliamentary elections. the election commission has ordered a recount of votes in some area. you see president hamid karzai there. a senior official says recounts have been ordered in seven different provinces. you know, a the vote was going on we did hear different
1:45 pm
accusations about what was going on at the polls and now we are hearing at least a partial recount. emergency rooms provide the backdrop to many nightmare scenarios including o obscene wait times when you are ill. peter doocy is live in new york to tell us more. i hope you haven't spent much time there but as you know it is is long wait. >> normally as you drive down the highway you see billboards advertising a used car or beer. hospitals are posting how long their emergency room wait times are by the side of the road. the ey idea is people with non-life-threatening will decide which hospital they should drive toward or even go at all. some places like south, florida patient dos do serious comparison shopping because the
1:46 pm
billboards are everywhere are. >> we have all heard stories of patients waiting ungodly times in the emergency departments in other area and we didn't want to be one of those hospitals. we wanted to be a center of excellence. we started looking at ways to rapidly get our patients through the system. it is far safer for them and we can provide better care. since billboards can be expensive, as much as ten grand a month, many hospitals put the er wait times in your pocketbooks with iphone apps. 1,233,000,000 times in 2008. some doctors have diagnosed these advertisements as being bad for your health. >> wwhat we are afraid is it will dissuede or discourage people to go to the hospital and bypass it to another hospital maybe 20 or 30 minutes farther and way that could be life or death. it could mean being in a wheel chair after a stroke or walking
1:47 pm
out of the hospital. go to the nearest hospital that you trust and get seen. >> it is worth mentioning that hospitals using this technology have assured us that any one with a life or death situation will not have to wait at the e.r. no matter what the billboard or iphone app says. back to you. >> shannon: peter in new york, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> shannon: 33 miners trapped underground in chile since august could be freed one by one. crews are trying to dig three different holes and the first capsule will start going in and pulling the men out ones one of the first tunnels is completed. that could happen by early november. want to tell your congressman exactly what you think? there is an app for that. meet the guys who came up with it, next. interesting grooming. thanks.
1:48 pm
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>> shannon: here is some of the top stories we are following right now on america's news headquarters. the pastor of a georgia mega church says he will be in the pulpit against next week. long vows to fight allegations that he coerced young men into
1:52 pm
sexual relationships. the middle east peace talks launched at the white house less than a month ago at a critical moment now. israel's ten month moratorium on west bank settlement consterrion is set to end at midnight local time tonight. and congressional elections in venezuela are offering a popularity check for president and frequent u.s. critic hugo chavez. 165 members of the national assembly up for election. they have been almost entirely prochavez since opposition parties boycotted the last vote in 2005. this sometime around the opposition is taking part in the elections. those are your top stories for right now. looking for a way to instantly get in touch with your congressional representative? there is an app for that. after a failed and frustrating attempts to contact their member of congress, two entrepreneurs decided to do
1:53 pm
something about it. here are the cofounders of visible vote joining us now from chicago. thanks for joining us today. >> good to be here. >> shannon: which of you had the toughest time getting in touch with your member? what was it hike? >> that would be me. i didn't realize how hard it was to first know who represents you and get involved. took me five phone calls, hung up on twice. voice mails full, faxes being delivered but responding back three months later with a thank you love your congressman for your letter but no response. that was the frustrating experience i had before doing this. >> shannon: i'm sorry, go ahead, jason. >> you know i was going say i didn't have a particularly frustrating experience but just understanding and sensing what was going -- the frustrations going around all over the place was what got me interested in this. >> shannon: tell me about it. it is called visible vote, i
1:54 pm
believe. tell us how it works and helps you to be better connected with your member? >> sure. visible vote is an application for iphone, android blackberry that allows and gives the people a chance to voice their opinion on anything, including bills before they even pass congress and gives the congressman the power to know exactly whateverry constituent in his district wants before he votes and also gives the congressman the po power to reach out to te voters directly. we allow the congressmen to interface back with them. >> it takes five minute to sign up and it is free both for th congressmen and citizens of the u.s. you answer 7 questions so we know who you are and can verify that you are a constituent of the district that you se say yu are.
1:55 pm
you will be shown the legislators that represent you currently and you can see based on their track record where they stand on various issues. once you start to populate your own voting record you go through and based on a synopsis provided by congress you will vote on various issues, what is important to you, whether it is healthcare or the economy. once you vote the on all of your issues that are important to you we send the pre preferes to the legislators. once the vote happens in washington we send the as a results back to your phone so that you can really start to keep tabs on how often your interests are being represented by the people you put in office. >> shannon: and lawmakers have to sign up to you to provide the information. we know the number is growing. an interesting concept. much tenned success to you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: going for gold. a new vending machine that can get you a lot more than just a pack of crackers. you are not going to want tou n miss it. up next. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations.
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♪ [ laughing ] [ boy laughs ] ♪ to know, know, know you after this we're gonna get ice cream. can we go get some ice cam? yeah. ♪ and i do ♪ and i do ♪ and do >> shannon: it is a bird. it's a plane. nope, it's a sky diving grandma. 90-year-old joan harding celebrated her birthday in the air, proving you are never too old who are a huge adrenaline rush. she says the sky diving experience was "smashing." we can get a lot of things out of a vending machine. candy bars, gum, soda and now ld


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